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Shared Hosting

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is basically a way of allowing multiple websites in using a single server at the same time. In shared hosting, every customer has a certain defined limit on the resources of server they can use, which is determined from the hosting package that certain customer is using.

This is a very economical and cheap option for the usage of a lot of customers. But, it is to be kept in mind that this cheap price comes with some drawbacks as well. Picking the right hosting plan for your hosting needs is very important for the growth of a company. Which is why, SmartGators has great shared hosting plans for every type of customer.

To better understand shared hosting, let us have a look at its pros and cons, which will help you pick the type of hosting which is best for you.


  1. Shared hosting plans is very cheap and affordable as compared to dedicated hosting. Which is why, they are great for small businesses.
  2. The maintenance of the server is done by the hosting provider which means that the user should not worried about the technical issues of the server.
  3. Management of the servers is very easy for customers as they are provided with a cPanel or other user-friendly application.


  1. A big disadvantage of shared hosting is the it comes with certain security issues that the customers might have to face. This is because the resources of the server are being used by multiple users.
  2. When using shared resources, a website might get slow and take a lot of time for loading, when there is burden on the shared server.
  3. Shared hosting lacks customization options compared to other hosting services.

Now that you have know what shared hosting is, you are ready to pick the plan that is right for you!

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