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Google Chrome Will Block Mixed Website Content

October 25, 2019 | | No Comments

Recently, Google Chrome announced that they will soon initiate blocking mixed content also called   insecure content on web pages.

This feature will be started rolling out from the beginning of  December 2019. This should give website owners enough time to check and fix mixed content errors and fix them before the block goes live.

Failing to do so will lead to poor user experience, loss of website traffic, and loss of sales.

Here we will explain about Google Chrome’s mixed content blocking and ways to get prepared for it.

What is Mixed Content?

Mixed content is actually a term used to describe non-https content loading on an HTTPS website.

HTTPS  is a protocol for websites using a SSL certificate to deliver content. This technology ensures website security and makes websites more secure by encrypting the data transfer between a website and end-user’s  browser. This means no one can see the data you send to or fro.

Microsoft, Google, Smartgators,, WPBeginner, and many other organizations are pushing HTTPs to use as the standard protocol for websites. The success rate is much more and around 90% of the chrome users now spend browsing time on HTTPS on all platforms.

However, there are still huge number of  websites serving partial insecure content over HTTPs websites. This actually means that you  link your HTTPS  webpage to a non HTTPS page. Mixed content is actually a loop hole for web security


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